I found a bunch of photos on a CD that Mum had sent to me. It started me reminiscing of a time when I took self portraits a lot. What, doesn’t every preggo stage a self-portraiture photoshoot?

The hilarious thing is that there is a series where I kept forgetting to set the self timer – I blame preggo brain. My cup of tea features a lot in those.

Mum has nudey rudey preggo pics somewhere too. I’d like to get hold of them. Rest assured, I will not post them to the internet. I’ll save you that much. Well… I lie… there is one I would post.

And just because I thought it was sweet, here is a photo of the teeny tiny devil child. Although she never really was that teeny tiny. Mum took this, I was too wrapped up in figuring out the whole mother thing. Such a change from the self indulgence of pregnancy.

She doesn’t look too bad here, but she really wasn’t the most attractive of infants!


6 thoughts on “Reminiscence

  1. Yeah she’s a pretty thing -that’s what makes’em so tricky I reckon (just when your about to chuck them out – they go all sweet and cute, and you decide to keep’em). Ah of course we now want to see the nudie stuff bien sure! Hey N, on your previous post, do you ever watch ‘real news’ via the net? It’s very interesting! Hope ya have a good weekend.X Lies


  2. Love the pregnancy photo, and Hannah’s adorable in that pic.Aren’t mum’s just the greatest!!! I don’t know where I’d be without my mum, even if we don’t live in the same city (or island even).🙂


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