Camera woes

Longies for Kat’s little babe.

And in other news… I broke the camera.

Wellll… I broke it ages ago but I always held out hope that it would miraculously fix itself or at the very least that the shop would have a clause in their warranty that said “Oh yes, sure – we’ll fix damage caused by drunk and disorderly conduct!” and I’d be happy. Very happy.

Turns out my dreams are no closer to coming true. I’m still holding out hope for the first scenario but the second has been dashed. It seems that the one tiny little plastic clip that I broke is quite important if you want the batteries to actually come in contact with their terminal thingy.

In the mean time I am hoping that if I buy extra strong tape then we may get some use out of it. Otherwise I’ll be saving for a new camera. Rats.

Right – I’m off to Crafternoon tea with Tash who lives around the corner from me! Exciting having a super geeky crafty gathering with a fellow blog buddy! Weeeeee.


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