Freaky girl

I am a footwear and coat ogler.

I cannot help but stare.

For those of you who walk down Manners Street and become a victim of my roving eyes, please forgive me. I just love your coats/shoes/boots so much.

7 thoughts on “Freaky girl

  1. Yeah I know what you mean. I’m always eyeing up peoples shoes, and I wonder should I say something?, “love your shoes!” or will I get a weird look?…hmmmmm


  2. I’ve been known to use the “I really like your shoes” comment, in hopes of them replying “oh thanks, I bought them at so-and-so” so that I can rush off and buy some for me. Although I haven’t ever said this to random strangers come to think of it. Just workmates or people I sort-of know or salespeople in shops.


  3. Oh, I know what you mean! I hate when I’m staring at somebody and don’t realize it’s somebody I know until they say something to me and I actually look at their face. Then I feel like a really big weirdo!


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