All the way from America

How exciting! A parcel!

The cutest American knitter out (oh yeah, you can claim that), Michaela, sent me a lovely parcel for being her ’50th commenter’. By sheer luck, I got fun stuff from the other side of the world! It is a pack of the coolest cards with knitting related terms on them. The perfect inspiration for a little side project I am planning. Did you make them yourself Michaela? They are really freaking cool.

Oh, and the coolest knitting nerd pen ever! At first I was like, “What the? Do I knit with it?… but there is only one… so surely not… but it looks like a needle… why…?” then I googled it and remembered that Michaela is addicted to buying knitted related things online and I found the lady who sells them here. She makes jewelery and pens from knitting needles! Weeeee! How thoroughly cool.

Terribly exciting day for the post. Thanks lovely!!

I also received by Ecotanka bottles from HealthPost, and yes it is another Nappy Network fad I am buying into but it has been in my mind for a while… well, since Tobin bought his Kathmandu bottle a few weeks ago. It just happened to be convenient that the TNNers did all the research for me and found the best place to buy them from. Hehe. HealthPost were fabulous to deal with and the bottles are here and have been well used in the 12 hours that they have been in my possession. The Devil Child is most stoked with her Teeny Tanka.

Must go get my Hugh Laurie fix.


Edited: Where the heck has Hugh gone!?! What am I going to do on Tuesday nights if he isn’t around?!?!


7 thoughts on “All the way from America

  1. I’m so glad you love the stuff!! I did make the cards myself and I ordered the pen from Sassafras Creations off etsy. Isn’t that the coolest stuff she has? I’ve been wanting to post about it, but I wanted your stuff to be a surprise.Thank you for the great compliments!! It’s so cool to see something I made all the way in NZ!


  2. how are washable diapers? I keep telling my husband that I want to use them when we finally have a kid. My concern is washing them in hot water all the time to kill the fecal bacteria. How do you get rid of those dangerous kind of bacteria? Won’t it get all over your regular clothes if washed in cold water?


  3. Michaela – I will email you about the washable nappies 😉Nova – I almost spat out my tea when I saw Stuart Little for the first time while already addicted to House. He’s just not the same in that… but then again, that is testament to what a brilliant actor he is.


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