The Goal Post

A post about goals. Get it? Oh ha. I’m hilarious.

So that’s what last weekend happened to be about. Nothing like heading back to your roots to re-evaluate where you are going with your life. Or perhaps it was the 8 hours driving back by myself that I spent blogging thinking about life?

Either way, I have renewed my commitment to a couple of things.

1) Paying off student debt as quickly as possible. Not my student loan… that can whither away itself straight out of my pay. But getting that credit card under control and ridiculous overdraft that is just hanging over me causing stress. I’ve been half-arsedly (yeah, not a word.) saving to pay it off but keep finding things that require spending *couspeedingticketsgh* so it isn’t looking as healthy as usual. I am now going to be living frugally. Yes. Truly.

2) Save for France. I have been dreaming of a trip to France for yeeeeears… since I was 12 in fact. A friend of mine, who was in my French class at school, has been living in London for the last few years (and is moving to Spain soon with her boy – exciting!) and recently took a trip to Paris and said that I just HAVE to go. And that I’d love it. And I will. I have heard the horror stories and I am still determined to love it, well, they speak French, how could I not love it? – so I need to get there. ASAP.

I also thought a lot about my worky work stuff and I got quite excited about the future and where I am heading with ‘my career’ so sort of re-established my 5 year plan. Never fear, it is pretty vague… ‘move on up in the world’ is about the extent of it.

I’ll write more about Rotorua perhaps tomorrow, but here is the fruits of my labour on Friday. A teeny hat for a cousin’s impending arrival. The hat was a test run for something a bit exciting… I will let you know more as it unfolds.


7 thoughts on “The Goal Post

  1. love that you had such a cool weekend. there’s nothing like a wee break to clear the air in our head.i seem to have these refocussing-moments with startling regularity.hate financial pressure, am now thinking of popping the cherubs in school and getting A Real Job so that we can actually afford to go to the snow etc.a-n-y-w-a-y, Paris is good.The other day Bulldog came up with this plan: how about we send out the email to friends and all start saving and whoever wants to can meet up with us in Paris in five years…and then this morning my friend Ang was talking about a Girls’ (yeah, am going apostrophe-mad cos reading our fave punctuation book lol) Trip to Paris…and now *you’re* talking about Paris.maybe i’m *looking* for WORDS about My Favourite Place…or maybe i’ll get there again IRL…mwah mwah mwah<>ah, oui, très français<> X


  2. I got to the part in your post about Paris and then HAD to post. Paris is amazing!! You have have have to go! I went last summer for work and fell in love. My husband and I are planning an anniversary trip there next summer. I can’t wait!!


  3. yes please i will meeet you in paris!i am seriously getting down about the student debt thing, am keen to take a year off to get the bank account back in positives but just way too many years to do. i graduate at the end of this year with a BSc but defo need honours, but could probably do with a year off at that stage.


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