Frugality ruined

I have been doing so damn well. I have brought my lunch from home since I made my frugal pledge (yes. 3 days. but still – 3 days!) and haven’t even pressed my face up against the window of the shoe shop on my way to work. I’ll bet they miss having to clean away the grimy imprint I leave.

But today…. today… expensive and entirely unsatisfying and probably most uncecessary.

I just spent $100 at the lawyer where she proceeded to tell me she couldn’t help me. $100 to tell me that! Thanks for freaking nothing lady. Actually, it wasn’t reeeeally her fault and she did say she could help me, but I had to do something first and then it was gonna cost a whooole lot more money for her to write a letter. So instead I am going to man up and contact Hannah’s potential paternal gene pool myself and save a trillion dollars. My mental health may suffer as a result. But I can do it.

And then, after that substantial blow to my account, I stopped in at Country Road to check out their kids range and OH MY GOODNESS. I have not ever seen a range of clothes so suited to what I want Hannah to wear. Usually when I take her shopping I have to steer her in the direction of socially acceptable kid-wear before the magnetic pull of the fairy dresses sets in. I would happily let Hannah run around Country Road grabbing whatever took her fancy. And only after she popped up at the counter and threw her haul at the sales assistant would I convulse on the floor with the pain of how expensive it is. But worth it! Worth the potentially brain damaging fit I would throw.

I managed to make it out of the store with only a pair of black and white striped tights. (Yeah – I know! How cool!) But the boots were calling to me. I have seen them in the OhBaby magazine and was instantly smitten. Now I just have to justify the purchase to myself and convince Hannah that plain greyish boots are a pile more attractive than sparkly pink crap. I also want a trillion other things – in particular a cute little jersey made out of wool fabric that I SWEAR I had a dress made out of when I was a kid. Groovy.

I’m not usually a label basher… people who actually shop at expensive stores will probably be all “Pffft Country Road has nothing on Baby Prada” or whatever, but I can not buy from Pumpkin Patch and JK ever. I walk in there and as an amateur-sewer/knitter think “I can make that, why the hell would I pay for it?!” And I never do. But that’s because it isn’t fabulous stuff anyway. And is pink and sparkly generally. Yuck. But I do not mind buying from a store that may cost a bit more if it is stuff that I look at and think – oh look, a tiny bit of work[wo/]manship! Admittedly, still on a mass produced scale… but a better quality scale.

Anyway, apologies, rambling again…. more to come.

I then just snuck into Mischief shoes for a minute…. a mere minute… and saw that Addiction have put out more shoes. OH how I LOVE addiction shoes. Their wide-roundy toe is just too me. I have two pairs currently in high circulation and saw another pair that I would almost kill for. And then another pair by Minx. The first pair aren’t up on the website yet. Rats.

But I didn’t buy them. I am wondering whether 4 pairs of shoes with the same toe shape might be a tad much. We’ll see how long my resistance holds out.

I made it back to the office only short $120. It could have been much worse.


4 thoughts on “Frugality ruined

  1. Oh, good luck with the man! And i find that just not going anywhere near shops means i don’t know what i’m missing, and so don’t lust after all sorts of things that i don’t really need because i simply don’t know about them…which creates loads of knitting time 🙂


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