Toddly seal of approval

Finally a piece of my sewing received the toddly seal of approval.

Well, two pieces actually but the first one was so unwearable it wasn’t even funny – so clearly it is the fabric that holds the key to getting Hannah to actually wear the clothes I make her.

I didn’t take a photo of the first clothing item – sheesh, my sewing is crap enough without showing the stuff ups! It was meant to be a peasant shirt but my design process was a tad flawed and it really didn’t work (to say the least).

Hannah absolute insisted that she wear it, such is the pulling power of polka dots, so I managed to contort her body into a shape that would allow me to jam the top on over her head. I feared that she would be forever stuck in there. For two reasons a) she wouldn’t take it off and b) skin tight in a non-stretch fabric. Hrmmmm.

After I managed to get her out of the top, just short of cutting it off her, I stole away to my sewing room side of the room to resurrect the fabric into something that would actually be wearable. I was not going to waste the opportunity that the polka dots had presented me.

I made a simple skirt and voila! She wears it! And voila! She still won’t pose nicely for a photograph! Argh. Mind you, she had only just woken up and I was simultaneously trying to get her to hurry the heck up and get ready as I was late for work and then ask her to stage a photo shoot for my blog. I’m so contradictory sometimes… the poor kid must get so confused.


2 thoughts on “Toddly seal of approval

  1. awwwww…. i want a kid with a polka dot/stripe love like I have. no one else seems to get it. maybe you’re not supposed to do it as an adult? i love the skirt, though, it’s so much cuter than i could ever do and somehow reminds me of snow white.


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