Where am I on May 21st?

Totally there.

Apparently I have a social life this May. Amazing. I have a party to go to this weekend – yes. A PARTY! and then crafty nights out. Weeeee.

And in other boring news: blogger isn’t emailing me comments. Well, I lie. It is emailing me a select few comments. All others… lost in oblivion… or atleast just lost on my blog. I try and keep track of the ones on current posts but if anyone posts further back – I’m likely to miss it. Waaaaah. Sorry Chris – I’m still hunting for your comments.


5 thoughts on “Where am I on May 21st?

  1. Well my first thought was “Ok, I’m not a mad axe weilding psycho stalker, but if I WAS, then this would be really useful stalkerish information.”But then I read what it actually is and all giving out date time and exact location type thoughts went right out the window with mad jealousy at how utterly awesome that is going to be!! Have fun!


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