Tales of the Red Headed Threenager

Beware: another whinge post.

I have long maintained that the concept of “terrible twos” is a joke that the parents of older children came up with to mess with the heads of those parents whose children were entering toddlerdom. Even though I realised this pretty early on, I am still astounded at how horrible my child has become as the years have passed.

Oh, don’t get me wrong… some days she is just delightful and cute and well behaved and I always love her, demon child or not, but for the purposes of the story I will stick with detailing devilish behaviour.

Hannah started tantruming early on as I’m sure a lot of children do. She was fairly certain from 18 months old that she was fairly capable of doing anything and that she didn’t need my help thankyouverymuch. Of course, this resulted in many a meltdown when she discovered that her bodily abilities had not quite caught up with her will.

By age two she was fairly capable… well, atleast a tad more capable and so therefore the tantrums sort of petered off… relative to the tantrums of the pre-two period. So I continued on my merry way thinking this two year old stuff wasn’t half bad.


Three…. how do I even describe it? I think “threenager” is quite apt… and then also my sister sums it all up when Hannah decides she is going to do something, eg make a milo, and barges on through with a chair and then starts screaming her little heart out when something doesn’t go to plan or someone disrupts her mission. Jute simply says “Oh right, I forgot you were three.”

It seems in the last few months that Hannah has upped the tantrum level in frequency, noise output, and length. I’m not averse to a little screaming session myself so I totally get it, but as a parent it is starting to wear a little thin when we have to have one in the morning before we leave for creche/work, one while leaving creche as she doesn’t want to leave, one when we get home and I refuse to let her have a yoghurt as dinner is approximately 10 minutes away, one while preparing dinner when we have to move her chair to get into the dishwasher, and one when it’s time to go to the toilet before bed and I have to convince her that it isn’t a good idea to try and go through the night without peeing when you have not made an appearance at the toilet since we made it home.

My usual method of dealing with it is to give her the option of ending the tantrum or gently remove her to her bedroom so that she can scream and we can talk. I don’t mind that so much. It’s just that each tantrum seems to take at least 15 minutes or longer to deal with and that is 15 precious minutes that I could be spending with a nice child – given how little time I do have for her.

Gah. I can only continue on and hope that it passes soon.


13 thoughts on “Tales of the Red Headed Threenager

  1. I thought we’d bypassed the awfulness terrible twos until my baby #2 hit 3 (a few weeks ago) The whole three thing has indeed turned her into a threenager. You have my sympathies


  2. Oh no, five is delightfully fun!Today, Denver changed her name to Dora. Lo and behold if you called her Denver (which I only did three hundred times or so). I spent the whole day going, “Denver! Ah…Dora!”And this evening she was bemoaning the fact that the two boys she loves have other girlfriends. I thought she was a little young to worry about that, and she said, “Oh, I am not going to get married though, kissing is yuck!”Bwahahahaha, love her.


  3. I feel your pain! My mum keeps telling me the same as Kat, 4 is worse, 5, even more so…. Surely it can’t be true?! There’s got to be some years that are renowned for being lovely! Or was the first one supposed to be it?


  4. Oh my god, I hear you – Rex has been what sounds like Hannah’s evil twin the last few weeks (oh go on months then). I’ve been putting some it down to testosterone surge and hoping for it going away some time – guess that’s not such an easy (although not proven or tangible) fix for you


  5. Precious babies. My lovely didn’t have the terrible twos, but we did get through the ‘determined threes’. 3 is so lovely though. Now we are into the potty-mouth-fours. Ahh the joys.


  6. i feel inclined to comment on this blog as so many before me have (ie:12), largely because i truly believe i can offer a wealth of wisdom these other ladies cannot; after all, this is my area of expertise.solution: send her up here to live with me.


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