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I’ve not put any crafty stuff on here for a while as I haven’t been internetting at home – just at work. So here are some things from the last few weeks.

A vinyl bag for a bag swap – my machine ate it. Or it ate my machine. Either way, it wasn’t happy sewing it.Picky Pants (rav link) for a baby associated with Megan – I knit on the next sized needles and so they are a tad loose. I’m hoping a little felting might fix the problem. They are fine to wear though.

And the back showing the short rows – probably wasn’t ideal to use this shaping method with stripes but it’ll do. Once it is stretched over a nappied bum I doubt anyone’ll notice!

And the onion child. We used to do this in the bath as kids. I’m just passing on the tradition to the devil kid.
I attended the opening of the Human Rights Film Festival last night. A film called A walk to beautiful was playing. It showed the journey that a group of Ethiopian women went on to “cure” them of obstetric fistula (warning: link is about vaginas) which was caused by an insanely long labour in the middle of nowhere that resulted in a stillborn child. Apparently when the baby gets stuck in the birth canal it cuts off the supply of blood in the birth canal and basically the tissue dies and the woman is left with a hole. Obstetric fistulas are easily preventable with the birth care that any woman should be entitled to. More than the lack of care, it raised issues about children being married off to men… or abducted to become young brides. That film, coupled with a talk by Mike Wessells today about the reintegration female child soldiers has got me wanting to go to Africa to learn about this stuff. I still am really drawn to anything to do with sexual and reproductive health in developing countries… how exactly to get where I want to go? I don’t know.

And in other news I worked up the courage to send a message to Hannah’s (potential) dad. I am not anticipating a response but feeeereeeeaky all the same.

3 thoughts on “Post post

  1. I love that bag, Nikki. Sol’s uncle has just given me a piece of vinyl he’s not using (he was going to make chaps with it! for a real life cowboy! then realised it isn’t leather) so I thought I’d give one of those bags a go. Did you use a pattern? (please say yes, and tell me where to find it 🙂 )


  2. Thanks Megan 🙂 And I highly advise making them but not if you have my machine. When I was trying to sew on the straps (through a trillion layers of vinyl) it spat the dummy.I didn’t use a pattern but it is simple as heck. I might try a tutorial at one stage when I’m feeling game to attempt another.But otherwise it is just based on a messenger bag. A whole lot of rectangles really!


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