Mothers’ Day

… was spent yesterday in my pyjamas on the couch and in my bed feeling very sorry for myself for being so hungover. That’ll teach me for thinking I am still a party girl. I’m not.

I did get a wonderful card with the cutest illustration from the devil child (she’s right into drawing figures at the moment – it’s gorgeous!) and pain au chocolat for breakfast…. I couldn’t eat it, but it was a lovely thought! Tobin then wrangled the kid for the rest of the day. Poor guy. I think I have a lot of making up to do.

However, Saturday night (my biannual night out for 2008) was fun times galore. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in aaaaaaages. It was Dan’s birthday party with the theme Rubix Cube. I’ve been to parties with the same theme before and no one has really made the effort to really get into it. This time everyone was mucho enthused and I ended up hanging out with ‘the reds’ for much of the night. I’m a bit afraid about what other photos are going to be popping up on Facebook but thank goodness no one really knew who I was so I will forever remain ignorant of drunken photos.

So here is the birthday boy and a drunken self taking a photo.

I was subjected to horrific sights such as this one…. (WARNING: Not for the faint hearted)

But it was alright because I got to hang out with wonderful people from the school days such as these ones… Bon and Dan again.

And Anna Banana who I haven’t seen for aaaaaaaaaages.

So despite the hangover, totally worth it.


4 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day

  1. @kimberlee ? lies: I think that would hurt my feelings. Is he normally appreciative of your motherly abilities? That’d be the only way he’d still be walking.


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