Last minute decision: I am going to participate in the graduation parade. Thank you Pia and Sean for letting me tag along with you.

I was walking along Lambton Quay today and heard the call of the bagpipes. I didn’t realise what was happening (don’t they usually play bagpipes along Lambton Quay!?) until I rounded the corner and was met with a sea of black. Tonnes of students walking along in their hoods and gowns and looking quite fancy.

I hadn’t planned to parade as I couldn’t think of any of my friends that would be graduating and it seemed a bit sad to be parading by myself. But I felt pangs! I wanted to be involved!

When I got back to the office, fate had pulled through for me and I had an email from Pia asking if I was graduating and parading. I had a friend! So now I have decided to head along… and I am excited.

So tonight I am heading along to pick up my academic dress along with 700 other people (oh yay.) and I will be walking from Rutherford House to the Michael Fowler centre at lunchtime tomorrow. Proudly too damnit.

P.S. My hood is meant to be ‘teal and fuschia stripe’ which sounded quite funky when I first read it. I saw the hood of what I assume is meant to be ‘teal and fuschia stripe’ today and holy shit it is hideous. The hood is divided in half, one half bright frigging pink and the other half a bright tealy blue. Grosssss.

8 thoughts on “Parade

  1. Congrats on graduating! The parade is probably one of the best parts, and make sure your family fawn over how smart and brilliant you are, so you can make the most of the moment! I might head down to watch as my friend’s not so little bro is parading tomorrow too 🙂


  2. Funny about the striped hood. Hope you have fun in the parade!Sorry to use your blog Nikki 😛 But just wanted to say hi to Tash, as I just figured out who you are 🙂 We went to school together, I’ve seen you around at the Aro St Markets etc. Hope you guys are doing well!


  3. Congratulations! Have a great day. I was unsure about going in the parade but my parents wanted me to, and I was so glad I did – you get to stop traffic in the middle of the city! Yay! It was actually a really cool thing to do, even though I thought it would be a bit silly.


  4. Congrats to the grad! How exciting! We should do parades here, that sounds like so much fun! I had to drive two hours, site in a civic center for three hours during a ceremony, and then drive back home. Uhhggg!


  5. I stop traffic all the time with my good looks. Ain’t no thing.j/k! really though, congratulations on school. don’t you feel, like, so smart now? I had a weird feeling of validation once I graduated. Enjoy it.


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