Thanks to you all for the lovely comments! You guys rock. It served to get me quite excited about this whole graduationy business. I’m probably not be feeling so excited 90 minutes into the ceremony tomorrow. I had thought I’d left my school assembly days behind.

I had a brilliant parade. I walked as academically as I could and I felt particularly intelligent in my trencher. It has a sort of air of knowledge about it right?… No? Oh well.

Geez, just looking at that photo a bit closer and I look like a total dweeb. Clearly nothing intelligent about me. Or atleast not photogenic. Perhaps it’s because Pia was born to be photographed? Hrmmm…

Anywayyyy… photo analysis aside. Graduation ceremony tomorrow. The family is all heading down from Rotorua tonight: Granny, Mum, Mark, and Robbo (my little brother)… Daddio and Caro are flying up from Christchurch tomorrow. Weeeeee – family gathering! We are going out for dinner tomorrow night at Cafe Istanbul. That’s for you blog stalkers! They have great Turkish food but I always end up eating wayyyy too much. Looking forward to that gross almost-dying feeling. It’ll be like Christmas. Actually.

And. Other stuff. I have to announce with great pride that my gorgeous friend Simonne has got a little babe to stick in her tummy. (Yeah, watch out for those. That unidentifiable goop on the bottom of your shoe – could be a baby. Sticky little buggers.) It’s possibly the most anticipated pregnancy of the century and if you read back through her blog, you’ll understand why. And I’m pretty sure the blog wasn’t even the beginning of it all!

So anyway, you are fab Ginger dear and I can’t WAIT until you have a little red-headed devil child of your own to contend with. *muhahahahaha*



7 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. ooo i thought we were gonna get an up-close-and-personal-with-the-gucci-hood?that sounded hilariously hideous.YOU are looking like such a LEARNED academic!! sheesh. way to go nikki!!!you know you are bringing back memories of my very own graduation in the Dark Ages lol. i wrapped my boobage in glad wrap so i wouldn’t leak all over the front of my apricot dress with the white buttons (ewwwww eighties!!!!!) – D18 was six weeks old!!!!!mwah X


  2. YYYAAAAYYYYYYY for graduation!! and you definitely looked all academicy. Definitely!!I almost stopped reading when you moved onto other stuff (No. 9 related short attention span) until I realised said other stuff was about me! Thankyou so much! Obviously I am a complete stalker and would love my own little gingery devily. I’ve been coveting yours for so long it’ll be nice to have one of my own! šŸ˜‰


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