Princess in a Petticoat

Hannah found one of my petticoats on Sunday, put it on and refused to take it off for the rest of the day. She even wore it to Tash‘s crafternoon tea and then to the supermarket afterward. Did I mention that Sunday was FREEZING!? Only a three-year-old could deal with that. An extremely stubborn, red-headed three-year-old to be more specific.

My weekend was brilliant. Limited time for crafting but mucho time for family. It was great to have Dad and Caro, Mum and Mark, Robbo and Granny all down to play with me and tell me how absolutely clever I am. We should really do it more often.

Graduation was as spectacularly dull as it should be. Slightly enlivened by the girl sitting next to me, Amelia, who was as vocal as I was about the boredom, the strange outfits, the fact that we needed to pee about 5 minutes in to the ceremony, our itchy heads in the trenchers, being choked by the gown, Joel Cosgrove wearing an inappropriate outfit etc etc. Fun times.

After that we had photos where my maman worked her magic and actually managed to get a halfway decent photo of me. Magic I tell you! She took some cute pics of the Devil Kid too before she packed a tanty. Understandable when she hadn’t had a sleep and had lasted all the way through a 90 minute school assembly graduation ceremony.

Dinner was also fabuloso. Though I was slightly disappointed that we missed the belly dancer. I tried to convince Mum to give us a go but she declined on account of eating too much. I felt her pain, as did the other 12 of us. Hannah fell asleep on the bench at about 9pm. Poor kid.

That was the weekend! Or at least the version of it I am telling before I collapse into bed.

I will have craftiness soon. I promise. Just have the sleeves of the pinwheel sweater to go and then it’ll be ready to be shunned by the kid. I’m looking forward to it!


7 thoughts on “Princess in a Petticoat

  1. Awww she really was adorable on Sunday, such a sweet devil child!Looking forward to the mystery craft night on Wednesday, see you there! 🙂


  2. I’m excited to see the pinwheel sweater. It started really cute from your last pic of it. btw, at least she wasn’t trying to wear your bathing suit like I once did to my mother.


  3. How cute is that photo! I understand – we flew will our girl wearing her felt crown and although her head seemed to be sweating, she refused to take it off. Other days it has been wellington boots in the middle of summer or my barely worn sexy nickers around her neck… Congrats on the gradutation – I think I almost went to sleep.


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