The Mad Hatter

Mad hatter = me for trying to knit so many at once!

They are for a secret project which you will hear about soon.

Well, actually one is for a raffle for the kiddo’s creche. Saturday is a garage sale/cake stall/raffly fundraiser. I’m heading along to man a stall from 9-11am.

Knitting these hats have caused many a problem. Twice now I have missed my stop on the bus because I have been so enthralled in what I am knitting. The other day I had to walk 3 stops back to pick up Hannah and almost incurred the wrath of the teachers at crèche. Now, for those of you who don’t have kids, you DO NOT want to get the crèche teachers angry. They spend their day keeping three and four year olds in line. They’d eat ya for breakfast. So needless to say, I ran. In high heels. Not good.

I’d like to claim that it is just the knitting but truth be told, I’ve done it while reading and then also while day dreaming. The day dreaming was the worst one as it seemed an awfully long way between stops and I had to carry the kid all the way home.

Anywayyyyy… back to the hats.


3 thoughts on “The Mad Hatter

  1. I love the flower and giant button on the right! My knitting seems to have got more obsessive too – i loathe all the time taken from me by boring things (like work) when it would be much better spent knitting!


  2. hah! When I did daycare, we started charging parents for every 5 minutes they were late. Needless to say, we rarely had late parents. At 6 p.m., we were about to die if we didn’t get home.btw, do you felt your hats or just knit them?


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