Sticky Japanese

You’ll probably learn more about me with this picture than I could ever let you know.

My fridge revealed. Fuzzily revealed.

But wait… is that sushi on my refrigerator?

There! Why yes, yes it is!

And why would I have sticky sushi on my fridge? Because Mindy is loony. That’s why.

It was actually my craft project from the Lucky Dip craft night we had at Juniper last night. Tash and Louise were there, as well as many other clever crafty kids. It was heaps of fun and possibly the only time I am ever going to make felt food – though apparently there is a market for it, as Mindy informed us, having previously sold a custard square and a piece of carrot cake made from felt.

Tash was part of the scarf makers group. They came up with some funky scarf creations made with wool blanket offcuts. Louise and her book making team created some cute little memory keeper book thingies. I think the most creative lady of the night may have been with us though. While two of us stuck with the traditional salmon and avocado sushi roll, Kate made a whole sashimi set which looked something akin to this* BUT WITH FELT:

So all in all, great night and hopefully will be doing it again next month! Thanks Mindy ๐Ÿ™‚

*Minor exaggeration but it was amazing.

5 thoughts on “Sticky Japanese

  1. aww too cool!! i am all about the felt food at the moment – i keep buying felt to do it and then doing nothing. but the idea? i love ๐Ÿ˜‰well done! such an awesome idea for an evening


  2. I so wish I could put stuff on my fridge! My husband’s such a fuddy-duddy that I can only put family photos on it without him ripping it down. Maybe he’d allow the felt sushi, though; it’s so cute.


  3. Mmmm custard square drool drool….still haven’t found a custard square to hit the spot since I was preggo damn it!The sushi looks damn fine!


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