Random Act of Kindness

After a long, slightly unenthused day at work, I was on my way home after collecting the kiddo from creche. She’d had a meltdown on the way to the car for unknown reasons but had finally perked up enough to manage to get from the car to the door – no mean feat when you are an extremely tired toddler.

On our way past the letter box I decided to grab the paper as it was looking like it was going to be another wet night and I didn’t particularly want to have to collect a soggy paper in the morning. When I grabbed the paper out of the box I decided to check inside even though I already knew that I’d checked the mail in the morning.

Inside I noticed a small piece of rubbish, which isn’t unusual as Gaz deposits rubbish and forgets about it when he is working on the car out in the garage. But when I retrieved it I found that it was not a piece of rubbish but a small heart, laminated to protect against the rain, and with a little message written on either side:

Is that not the cutest thing in the whole world? It made me smile for sure.

I remember at some stage stumbling across a blog where a Wellington woman was leaving little messages around the city. I can’t for the life of me remember where the blog is. Is it her? Or someone else? I’m quite intrigued… and having a nice day.

P.S. Excuse rubbish photos again. I haven’t mastered the art of taking photos at night. I need a studio or something!

7 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

  1. Awwww! That’s possibly the sweetest thing I’ve seen. I am SO going to do that. If it made me smile all the way in the states, then surely it’ll work on someone here!


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