Another hat/beret type head garmenty thing. This time for the Devil Child.

Knit with Debbie Bliss Super Chunky Cashmerino. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy yarn and Debbie wasn’t kidding with the chunkiness. It is HUGE yarn. Knit it yesterday and that included frogging twice while I tried to figure out how big the kid’s head was! FYI – Not 68 stitches, not 60 stitches… 52 finally did it.

And she looks quite cute in it. While I loved the chunkiness for knitting speed, I think I would have preferred a thinner yarn. Ah well… it’s gorgeously soft!

And a final photo of the Devil Child’s choice of attire. Sunday was spent dressed in a flower girl’s outfit from the 1980s. She loves it and threw a mega tanty when I made her remove it after spilling milo down the front.

9 thoughts on “Hatted

  1. I like the way the decreasing looks on the top….. which pattern did you use?Oh hi btw, I just found your blog and thought I’d slip out if lurking! Your dd is just gorgeous! Claire


  2. awwww… little feet in big shoes.i love her stripes and polka dot combo! i’m almost 25 and still love to mix them too.


  3. Your kid has got to be the cutest thing in a home made hat. That blue satin skirt is the shiz – i can see why she didn’t want to take it off!


  4. Cute! That girls a fashionista in the making! If it makes you feel any better M6 (yes …six!…it does go on for a few more years yet!) wore a dress up tutu all weekend. She had a snow white dressup that fell to pieces from too much wear after being worn almost daily for a couple of years.


  5. Claire – I sort of used the Woolly Wormhead Baby Rollin’ Beret pattern http://woollywormhead.com/page28.htmIt’s a decrease used on heaps of hats and is basically make sure you start with a number of stitches divisible by 6 and decrease from that number.EG. 60 stitches = 10 x 6So, round 1: k8, k2tog til endround 2: k7, k2tog til endround 3: k6, k2tog…round 4: k5, k2tog…etc etcTash: It gets better – it ain’t just a skirt. It’s got puff sleeves and lace too.The rest of ya: thanks 😀


  6. OMG that is adorable! I might just have to attempt to make a matching scarf and hat for my niece…..with your help at Crafternoon Tea of course!You have got the most gorgeous devil-child ever by the way!


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