Terrible Tuesday

Apologies to:

  • Everyone on the number 18 bus who would have heard the gossip session with my friend about my love life and persisting dramas (not regarding the love life in particular… just drama generally. One of my work mates calls me “Drama Queen” – at first I was offended but now I realise she is just stating the obvious) and my friend’s lesbian relationship that she is still hiding from her seriously religious parents after almost a year.
  • My work mates for my little tantrums and foul language in the office today.
  • Tobin for my screeching about his dirty socks.

‘Tis all for today. I’ll be back when I am in a better mood.


3 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday

  1. Ah Nikki – perhaps you can bury your bad day with mine yesterday … poor the husband bore the brunt of a *very* hormonal hissy fit over (I’m so embarrassed) nappy bags …xoP.S. For your friend – I’ve been there (well, not there specifically, but I have the religious parents) and it doesn’t get easier. The best thing she can do for herself is talk to her parents and sit back and let the fallout settle. It may take no time, or it may take a lot, but in the end, she will be happier not hiding. She’s carrying a heavy weight, whether she realises it or not. Tell her all the best!


  2. Thanks laaadies.And S – she already has a sister who has been out for years. I don’t know it she wants to put her parents through any more stress! hehe. She’s leaving for overseas soon but I’m sure she’ll let her parents know if she decides that she is definitively gay/queer/lesbian (not sure of the correct term these days).


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