At work, I freeze. My problem lies in the fact that I have tonnes of clothes… but they are all for summer. It also doesn’t help that I sit right underneath the air conditioner and no one else can feel the icy fingers of the machine and thus have it turned on to -602 degrees.

I was walking along in central Wellington today despairing that I can only afford to shop at places like Glassons, yet don’t want to buy crap and support terrible working conditions in factories. I would love to have money to support New Zealand designers but can only afford to support them if they don’t value their work (thereby creating the same dilemma of bad wages, just in my own country!).

I then decided I would do my best to thrift up a storm (still not supporting designers but at least not supporting the exploitation of workers) but I’m crap at thrifting. I can never find anything remotely like the goodness that Leah and Rhiannon rock out on a regular basis.

But… Solution! After seeing the gorgeous kiddo creations that Bonnie has been making from refashioned men’s jerseys, I have decided that I need to do some refashioning of my own. I may be crap at it… but I’m gonna give it a go.

Watch this space.


3 thoughts on “Freezing

  1. I might have a solution for your unfortunately-located air conditioner. You could try getting a piece of cardboard and taping it over the vent on 3 sides, diverting the cool air to someone you don’t like. That’s about as art’n’crafty as I get.


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