Works in progress

I am usually a one project at a time girl. I love to work on things obsessively and end up with finished products that I can flash around excitedly before starting the next one.

Unfortunately I have descended into the depths of multiple works in progress which means that I never end up with finished projects, or if I do, the elation is shortlived when I consider how many other things I have on the go.

So this post is an attempt to round up of my knitting projects as they stand today and get motivated to finish them one by one so I can get through my list and start knitting for ME.

1. Hannah’s pinwheel sweater. I have 1cm of one sleeve and the other sleeve to go. Gah.

2. Lace up fingerless gloves by Leigh Radford from Alterknits [ravl link] for my sister. I have knitted half of one glove… so 1.5 gloves to go.

3. Scarves. I have one uber chunky scarf for me on the needles. I have gone off the chunky look so I am not convinced about this one. The other is a baby scarf which I think is a tad too thick, so I am distinctly unenthused about finishing. Then Hannah’s milo was tipped over my knitting this morning and this cream scarf suffered the most. Potential for frogging.

4. Hats. Two on the needles currently. A baby hat for Chiara and an adult sized hat for one of Hannah’s creche teachers. I then also have to knit a hat for Hannah’s little friend Embla… because she asked so nicely and I think she is super cute.

And then waiting for my needles:
5. Fingerless gloves for Liz
6. Fingerless gloves for Niamh
7. Birthday pressie for a friend

And then I may be able to start on the rest of my sidebar list. *sigh*

But this photo cheers me up exponentially:

heeeeeehehehehehehehe The kid is nuts.


2 thoughts on “Works in progress

  1. I, too, am excited to see the pinwheel shirt. As a non-knitter, I’m always blown away by the creations.What a funny little face she’s making. Reminds me of A Midsummer Night’s Dream when they’re talking about how ferocious the lion should be.


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