Clothing the Devil Child

These two tops are the product of my frustration on Sunday afternoon. I also made a pair of wide leg pants for the kid but she refused to wear them because they are not a skirt a bit too big. I’ll get her in to them one day for a photoshoot… just have to stock up on bribes first. But I did hit the jackpot as far as tops go. Hannah hasn’t taken them off since I finished them… she’s alternated between the two in the last couple of days. And I should qualify, she actually wore them before they were finished as she took off with the floral one and no amount of convincing would get her to hand it back.
The first top is from the Just Tute’s peasant top tutorial and was made from a dress my mum gave to me for fabric so I feel all recycly and stuff. The tutorial is easy and quick and the kid is right into it. I also think she looks quite cute… but then I would, wouldn’t I? 😉

The next top (excuse the lack of hemming and neck line finishing. As I said, she wouldn’t let me!) was an experiment in working out how to make a top with a yoke. It worked! I also followed another little tip from the Just Tute blog in using lastin (clear elastic) to gather. Eaaaasy peasy – even for the craftily retarded like myself.

I knitted a little as well. I made a hat which I will photograph after I teach myself how to crochet then learn how to make flowers. I also made some progress on the pinwheel sleeves. I may have to unknit the first sleeve as I used a crappy cast off which made it all flare out at the end. Not the look I am going for. Also my kiddo seems to take after her mother with unnaturally gangly limbs so I need to add a few centimetres length.

Right, must go rescue my roast. Fricking roast. I peeled and chopped vegetables, made little incisions in the leg of lamb and lovingly stuffed garlic and mint into them, then glazed the roast with apricot jam, and put the timer on as I left to work this morning. I arrived home fully expecting to be greeted with the delicious smell of roast lamb (apologies to the vegetarians out there) and instead was met with the usual damp smell of our house when it has been raining. I’d forgotten that the electrician was coming to look at the oven today and he had helpfully turned off the over. Fecker.


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