From the beginning

In my lunch hour yesterday, I learned to crochet. Badly, might I add. Now I can make slightly deformed flowers to go on my hats. Anything more advanced than chain stitch is a little beyond me at this stage.

Right… must be off to see if the men at VTNZ will allow my car to remain on the road. With me performing some of the mechanical repairs, it is more than likely they’ll tell me to bugger off!

Oh, and here are some preeeeetty jonquils that Mindy so lovingly bestowed upon me for painting duty. Weeeeeee… spring time! (in winter?!)


3 thoughts on “From the beginning

  1. Your crochet flower looks FAB…. So far my attemnps at teaching myself to crochet only go as far as getting the book out of the library (not actually opened yet), so I am seriously impressed! Looking forward to seeing the hat!


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