A lady with her gorgeous little baby came into work the other day to talk to my work mate about activisty stuff regarding the Burma military junta. While they were talking about the problems of the world I was making faces at her son and admiring his gorgy star covered nappy.

As she was leaving I blurted out “Cute nappy!” and she indulged me by telling me it was a Nix-Kids cover. In my usual know-it-all way I said I knew the brand and she asked what my favourite nappy was. I rambled on about NZ made nappies and how fab I thought pockets were before she asked “so how old is your baby?”

I hesitated a little before admitting “I have Hannah, she’s three and a half…” She looked at me a bit strangely having just been on the receiving end of my overly enthusiastic spiel about cloth nappies. “Yeah, she hasn’t worn nappies for about a year” I noted ashamedly before I turned back to my computer, refreshed The Nappy Network and pretended to look busy.

It really is time I gave up being obsessed.


8 thoughts on “Obsessive

  1. I am like that about weddings. Whenever anyone mentions they went to a wedding/are engaged/got married recently I ask all sorts of interested nosey parker questions, discuss particular wedding photographers and venues as if I know what I am talking about, etc. I’m then ashamed to admit that we have been hitched over three years now…And, as with you, this obsession was fed by a web forum, in my case New Zealand Wedding Planner. I’m still friends with someone I met there too. I’d secretly (ok not so secret now that I’m blurting it out on the internet) love to be someone’s bridesmaid (BM in wedding parlance) so that I can help organise another one. Not likely though. 😦


  2. But cloth nappies are so cute right!I think I’ll probably be like that too. Infact, I am a bit like that already – telling everyone I know about different types etc, and I haven’t even used them yet πŸ˜›


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