The Red Headed Devil Child’s Family

At Hannah’s creche each child brings along photos of their family and they make ‘whanau posters’ which are displayed around the creche. I’ve always been slack at getting one organised. I managed a primitive one when Hannah was at the Vic Uni nursery creche as a baby. Got my act together in the last week she attended the creche with a pic of Hannah, mum and I for the Vic Uni toddler-end of the nursery creche. Didn’t manage one at all for the Vic Uni toddler creche. But this time (after 6 months) Hannah WILL have a whanau poster.

The collection of pictures is funny though as all her friends’ posters (with a few exceptions) have the Mummy, Daddy, grandparents and siblings. Han’s one is more like “Hannah and her flatmates” so I thought I’d share.

1. The Rodrigo Crew: Gaz, Jute, Han, Nikki, Tobin

2. Jute and Gaz when they got engaged

3. Tobino
4. The Christchurch family: Matt, Lauren (Caro’s kiddos), Caro (Dad’s partner), Dad, Jute, Gaz, Gran, Rob (my little brother), Tobin, Nikki, Hannah
5. Nutters
6. BFF
7. Nikki, Gran and Devil Kid
8. Nikki and toad

While some times (for us adults) flatting is a tad challenging, I’m pretty sure if you asked Hannah she’d tell you it rocked.

P.S. Mum! I need a photo of you and Mark. Can you please send through one ASAP?

9 thoughts on “The Red Headed Devil Child’s Family

  1. oho… and which one would that be??? Maybe a cute romantic shot of us up the scissor hoist tomorrow, just for you babe!! xxxx Maman


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