This is how my little girl has looked for the last couple of days… she hasn’t been eating, she has been coughing a lot, running a temp of around 38.5 degrees, and claiming that she can’t walk.

Is it wrong that I think her cheeks are totally gorgeous when they are all hot and feverish? Yes? Ummmm oops.

I thought at first it may be the beginnings of the chicken pox but after she started throwing up this morning I decided that it was probably the flu. Interestingly enough she started eating soon after vomiting and now she’s all bouncy.

She’s better in time for the weekend. Awesome child!

10 thoughts on “Sicklet

  1. Oh, poor wee soul. (She does look v. cute though!)Hope you’re feeling ok and Murphy’s Law doesn’t strike…and leave you sick all weekend (oh, and now I’ve written that I’m worried I’m going to jinx you…)OK – going to mumble quietly to myself in a corner…crazy stalker lady…


  2. Awwww she looks so cute, glad to hear that she is feeling better. My little one was sick last week, it is horrible to see them like that. Mind you it was lovely and quiet in our home, unlike this week where my dd is bouncing off the walls, must be all of that reserved energy…..Have a lovely, healthy weekend!


  3. You are right – she looks adorable! Poor little poppet. Lets hope that vomitting got it all out and that she will be fit enough for lots and lots of 2 minute noodles!!! If they can sustain the average Uni student over the course of their degree, surely the 2 minute noodle is all a child needs…


  4. dod ya know that when my bloglines is completely stacked i skip most peeps and check you?cos i love your lovin’s over dat the family photos too, but had a feral pooter and could not comment.if i ever move to wellies, will you teach me to knit? i think my knitting style will be quite like yours mwah X


  5. barfing seems to make people feel better for some reason. I’m a firm believer in getting a person to throw up if they can. It’s like magic! your body says “nope, not keeping this in here anymore” and you feel like a normal person until you have to throw up again. so glad she feels better, though. nothing’s worse than a sick babe.


  6. Thanks ladies – MUCH better. In fact, totally back to normal. Has been much bossing us around and today she must be referred to as ‘Elisabeth’. Hannah does not exist.Kate: aw, you are a sweetie! For sure on the knitting front. I’m not exactly skilled at it though… don’t want you to get your hopes up or anything! xo


  7. BINGO! Ethan came down with this illness last night. 3 am flaming hot and hasn’t got off the couch all day. poor wee wiggles it must be horrible to be so little and so ill.Thanks for coming last night twas a blast. You are a GEM! button machine! hugs m


  8. Oh good! Elisabeth is a mervellous name – she should keep that because I’m pretty sure I’m having a girl and I love the name Hannah, but it’d be just a *little* too stalkery to steal it! The other option is Harriette. Or Harriet. I prefer the second spelling. Is Harriet a crap name? I have no idea. It’s my favourite girl name ever.


  9. Oh oh oh! Sweeney had the ills last time i was down, and it was HORRID. It turned out to be a cold and his first ever ear infection – brilliant parenting and grandparenting combined to not realise this until he’d fallen over fifty times in one day and refused to let his Nana brush his hair – usually he loooves it.And thanks for your msge from weeks ago- I didn’t read it until last week, and it’s just perfect. You’re choice.


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