World-wide Knit in Public Day

Today people!

No time to blog extreme wittiness or cute photos of a certain Devil Child… I’m off to spread the knitting luuuurve and perhaps a little bit of craftivism.

I’ll be at the Bucket Fountain on Cuba Street if any blog stalkers would like to join me. You are welcome if you bring pointy sticks. Hrmm… perhaps I shouldn’t be offering that to potential stalkers.

Anyway, knit away bloggo readers!


3 thoughts on “World-wide Knit in Public Day

  1. Would of joined you if I was in town, I need some encouragement in my knitting project at the moment! Hope you enjoyed yourself and that Hannah is feeling better 😦


  2. Ok I confess. I was in Wellywood for the weekend. I didnt see this till I got home though, otherwise I so would have been there! If I come up again we should so meet. (I was relying on transport – made it a bit hard)


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