Warming the neck.

It was supposed to be a scarf. Do you all recall how much I despise knitting scarves? Even in the chunkiest of chunky yarn and size fricking-ginormous needles, I still couldn’t manage to knit a scarf.

I am attempting to cut down my works-in-progress. In true WIP-culling spirit I abandoned any hope of knitting this long enough to wrap fully around my neck and added button holes and buttons so it has become a neck warmer. It’s perfect. And no unravelly scarfiness or Quasimodo-type scrunchy scarf back action. I’m in love.

P.S. Please ignore filthy mirror and gross bathroom self portrait. I have no excuses… I just didn’t want my face to look retarded and this was the most painless way for all. Well… for me. You still have to view my gross mirror.


6 thoughts on “Warming the neck.

  1. Clever move with the buttons! I currently have three scarf WIPs. Most of them have been on needles for over two years. Your WIP resourcefulness inspires me. Buttons for all!


  2. I love it! I made one out of polar fleece this weekend – after going to Big Name Outdoor Store and having a fit over the price of a tube of fleece…mine’s better anyhow – but not as cool as yours!


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