Craft 2.0 and a knitting update


Excitement. Maybe next time I may be able to sell stuff?

My WIP culling is going really well… down to 1 glove and then I am work in progress free. Yaaaaaaaaay. I finished the pinwheel sweater for Hannah but I couldn’t get photos of it due to the fact that it is DARK when I leave for work and DARK when I get home. Unimpressed. Then the Devil Child insisted on wearing it to creche and tantrums ensued when I told her she couldn’t wear it… so I did what any brilliant parent does and gave. in. to. the. tantrum. Yes. I know. I’m going to bad parent hell. And as karma for my act, she ran to the paint as soon as she got in the door and now it has pink paint all over it. Did I mention that the primary colour in the scheme was RED?! Not pretty. Ah well. Anyway, pics will appear at some point.


9 thoughts on “Craft 2.0 and a knitting update

  1. It is so good to hear that there is someone else out there who gives in to the odd tanrum….. Sometimes it is just soooooooo much easier, especially with little girls, they certainly know how to pull those strings. My darling daughter really belives that at 3 (and a half) she is in charge around our home, sometimes it is just easier to let her get on with it…. I think that I am going to bad parenting hell too, see you there!


  2. ahh its good to be back and read all my favourite blog friend’s wheel sweater disaster, oh no. please tell me you got that paint out! and please take a picture either way or I may never find out what a pin wheel sweater is!


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