Something disturbing…

While walking to work this morning I realised that I have developed the disturbing habit of trying to adjust how my glasses sit by raising my eyebrows and doing some weird contortion with my lips.

I must look so strrrrrrange.


9 thoughts on “Something disturbing…

  1. Hi know it is strange that I might be reading a blog letter to your rellies but I saw the reference to ‘You Grow Girl’ – thanks for that! If you’re interested, I could send you an invite to NZ Gardener magazine’s ‘Get Growing’ initiative. They send a weekly email with tips on gardening and importantly what to be putting in that week plus recipes and all that jazz – a handy (and free – yippee) resource that’s NZ specific šŸ™‚ – Mel


  2. It’s not at all strange… I was cheating and I guess the aim of posting it was to reveal a bit more about my family. And I know from experience I can’t cope with blogging AND writing letters. It’s just too much.Anyway… please with the invite. yay! Thanks Mel šŸ™‚


  3. Ahhh … have you also developed the looking-over-the-top-of-your-glasses-at-the-person-speaking-to-you technique?Oooo! NZ Gardener does emails? I’m a crap gardener, but I want to plant a vege garden. Maybe they’ll help? And yes, maybe miracles will also rain from above šŸ˜‰


  4. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH That was you I saw this morning?!?!?!?!Just kidding hehe, I kind of do it too, just in a different way. I do the Head flick :P.Guess what? I made a WHOLE SOCK!!!!! Well almost….. I need to “Graft the toes”…………what ever the hell that means……….


  5. The best glasses ajuster is when you do to push them up your nose but your not wearing them and end up poking your self in the eye. In front of the guy youve had a thing for forever. Thats finally taken an intrest in you. But now things your crazy.Not thats its happened to me before….


  6. ROFLOL I do a nose crinkle and lip thing to push up my glasses too! I’m sure other glasses-wearers don’t think a thing about it. Wait until your partner makes the face back at you or points it out every time you do it! Then you’ll really be self-conscious.


  7. oh well I have a whole host of habits like that, I looking like one living with tourettes syndrome.I am sure you are just giving your local commuters good stories to tell their friends (you are probably being impersonated as we speak)


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