Hungry post

I don’t know if you know this about me… but when I don’t eat, I lose the ability to function. YES I know that EVERYONE loses the ability to function if they don’t eat… I just seem to lose it faster than others. I get gruuuumpy and indecisive and all manner of not so nice things.

So you get a bulleted post:

  • I have a girl date tonight with a bloggy buddy. Ooooer.
  • Knitting is stressing me out. Too many birthdays. Too many people I have said yes to. Too many patterns to work out.
  • I can’t count. Severely hinders the knitting design process.
  • My car is getting fixed and then I am selling it. I love my little peugeot but I can not afford to buy parts made of gold for it.
  • I’ve finally set up a blog reader. And hallelujah! It doesn’t take me a whole working day to read all my blogs. Now what am I going to do? Work?
  • I have been roped into the Freedom Torch Relay. It better not freaking rain. I prefer to do my activism from my computer chair (kidding…. sorta) but will make some physical effort for once.
  • My workmate wants me to find out the cause of the global food crisis. I suppose I’d better get on to it if I am going to solve the world’s problems by lunchtime.
  • (Late addition:) Received my Kimya Dawson CDs today from Amazon. Can’t wait to get home and blast ’em.

Thanks Nova: Completed my quest with this post from Sharon Astyk.

9 thoughts on “Hungry post

  1. are you familiar with Little Blog in the Big Woods or Casaubon’s Book? (both blogs googlable) they both have heaps about the food crisis 😀and go eat some food! :p


  2. Yes, yes, I totally get what you’re saying with the hungry! One ex boyfriend once asked if my mother ever took me off 3 hourly feeds. If I’m hungry nobody’s happy.


  3. Blog reader = da bomb. Now you can have a gazillion (and then some) blogs on feed and sit all day refreshing to see whats new. Dont forget your Ravelry feeds too. Your working days will never be the same!!


  4. Aaaaaah yay!!! Are you a Kimya convert after my smitten OB postings?If its possible, I’m even more smitten after her gig last night. Her songs have got me all inspired and my social conscience is in overdrive now, lol. Let me know how you love the cds!Ooh Ooh, annnd did you hear she’s releasing a kid’s album in Sept? She played a few songs off of it last night, so hilarious and awesome!


  5. Thanks for the date! I had a blast, and REALLY hope you’re up for a repeat…(Do I sound like a stalker?) Loved the knit tagging too, I’m such a rebel…even if all I did was watch the devil child!


  6. Hey Nikki! How do you read your blog reader?? I’ve started subscribing to thread through RSS I think it is but I don’t know how to look at the reader… hellllpppp meeeeeee!!!Oooh oooh I too love Kimya. Did you know she is a regular poster on Motheringdotcommune…One of my fave mothering forums? (besides TNN)


  7. Heya Charlotte – I’ve started using the google reader which you access from here: ooooer on the Kimya stalking. I’ve been reading her blog but I’d hate to stalk her forumwise. ha. But super cool that she’s a forum nerd too. I’m sure we’d be the best of mates if we met. Mind you… I think that about everyone.And Mel – sure am. Your influence! And yep, I read about the kiddo album. And YAY for decent music for kids!


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