I’ve been meaning to explain this for ages but wanted to wait until I had something really solid to explain about.

I don’t think that is going to happen… it’s more of a trickle thing than a grand opening ya know?

So… introducing devilishred.

My knitted stuff is now stocked in Juniper Gallery in Newtown. Fabulous shop… you really must check it out. Please admire the stunning paintwork if you do. Don’t look too close though… you may notice what Mindy often referred to as ‘brown accidents’. No. Not that kind.

At this stage there are (or were… most sold) baby hats. Soon there will be baby scarves, knitted dresses, and perhaps adult hats. Who knows what I’ll come up with! Lots of designs in my mind.

Most of the designs are embellished in some way so that no hat will ever be the same.

P.S. As surfergirlie type has already reported – fab night was had by all on our girlie date. I can safely say that she rocks. A lot. And she’s a party animal… I’m pretty sure our night was tame by her standards and I was feeling the pain today. As I let everyone around me know. The Devily Kid also behaved herself and crashed out on the couch at some point. Such a hands-on parent I am.


11 thoughts on “devilishred

  1. Well done…the label is super cool. Wish I could pop to Wellington to visit the shop! Congratulations, bet you are gonna be pretty busy with those knitting needles now…X


  2. That’s fab Nikki.Love the name!!!I did wonder what you were upto …. I spyed your tag on a handknit a few posts ok.Ditto Julie! Wish I could visit the store too.


  3. Oh congrats! I tried to get Dave to take me to Juniper one our way through Newtown the other day but how bloody hard is it to get a man to go right? “Go right” he goes left.


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