Lacking virtue

They say patience is a virtue. I was born lacking it. In fact, I’m not sure I was particularly well endowed with any other virtue either. ha.

Patience is most definitely required for knitting lacy stuff in 2ply yarn on 2mm freaking needles. I know it could be much worse, but for someone who squeals with delight when she happens across super-bulky-chunkier-than-the-chunkiest yarn and giantly-giant needles this whole tiny yarn and needle thang is almost killing me.

Admittedly, perdita is only a cuff. 25(ish) stitches wide and only about 6 inches long but STILL I struggle. I will finish it though and then I will totally claim being able to knit lace.

Perdita is a friendship bracelet in adult form and so I am knitting it for Hannah’s Godmother, Gembee. I don’t think she has ever received a birthday gift from me on time. Usually it is drawn out until Christmas. This year I might just make it.

5 thoughts on “Lacking virtue

  1. Wow, that bracelet looks so yummy, I wanna make one too…….. Must take an obscene amount of patience, I am currently knitting a little doll on 2 3/4 needles & that is fiddly enough, like knitting with toothpicks….Can’t wait to see the finished product. Gorgeous colour too by the way!!


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