Saving the world simply

Every day I collect the office mail from our PO Box at Manners St Post Office. Every day I am absolutely appalled at the amount of junk mail spilling from the bins placed around the post box room.

Admittedly, I was one of the ones when I first started that pulled all the glossy advertisements from my pile of mail and ditched them before I even left the post office… (naively) hoping that the bins were for recycling and not to be dumped.

When I mentioned how horrible I thought it was, Tobin (who works for NZ Post) said “you do know you can request no junk mail in your PO box right?” I was a bit stumped. Why on earth had I not thought of this myself? (In my defence, neither had the majority of the other PO Box users if the bins are anything to go by!)

So I marched up to the counter at NZ Post and told them where to shove their junk mail. Unfortunately that was not good enough and I was advised that I had to write a letter to the manager to stop the flow of shininess. (Bad shininess Kate 😉 )

Personally I don’t see why it requires a formal letter to the Manager. Well, I do actually… they make money from advertisers to be able to destroy the earth distribute crap inform us of their products. Depressing.

So anyway, I wrote a letter and haven’t seen an advert since. Apart from all the ones that continue to litter the floor and clog up the bins. On World Environment Day I considered printing off a notice to stick up in the post box room informing people of their right NOT to be burdened with junk but didn’t go through with it because of sheer laziness the fear of being caught and reprimanded. I still may take action.

In the mean time I advise all of you who have some connection to a post office box (and still receive junk) to write a letter to the manager of your post office and clear your conscience post box. Make a stand for the environment and against rampant consumerism.

In aid of this I have drafted a letter which you can easily copy and paste into a word document and send off to your Manager. If you are even lazier than I am, you can just tell me your PO box number and post office I’ll do it for you. I can not be held responsible for any additions that may be added to the letter.

Here we go:

Dear Manager of the XXX branch of NZ Post,

In the interests of the environment I would like to request that I no longer am bombarded with glossy brochures and advertising in my post box 12345. I would also suggest that you make the process of opting out of receiving junk mail clearer to other post box users to save the hordes of fliers that I see so readily discarded in the bins in the post box room.

Love and kisses,

PO Box 12345

It’s the simple things people.


14 thoughts on “Saving the world simply

  1. Go you! What rips my nightie is that despite us having a No Junk Mail sign on our letterbox they still manage to sneak some in officially tucked into our local rag. Should grow me some and write a letter to them I guess eh?


  2. Lemme know if you want me to draft another letter then Sharon 😉 I’m in the mood!We don’t have a ‘no junk’ sign on our mailbox and it plagues me. Gaz loves reading (about 10%) of the fliers so refuses to stop them. I advised him to get them emailed to him if he was so enamored with being advertised too but he claimed it wasn’t the same. I have instigated ‘Operation Take-That!’ and now I place ALL junk mail on his pillow, ready for him to read when he gets home. He’ll get pissed off soon. *muhahahaha*


  3. Right on. Love the love and kisses bit, so sweet. They don’t deserve it those naughtykins’s that pollute our boxes. Heck all that paperwaist it gives me the flibbers. Thing is that a lot of the junk isn’t delivered by the postie either… Also good on you for loving the knitting and expressing it so eloquenty. I love it too. The best therapy for… well anything really.X Lies


  4. Its kind of weird that theres all those supermarket fliers delivered to business PO boxes. Is New World so desperate for business? I love the idea of sticking a notice on the wall telling people their rights. All I need is a wig and sunnies so they don’t catch me though.I got a no junk mail sign when we moved here, best thing I did.


  5. Love your letter, reminded me that I need to glue the no junk mail sign back onto our letterbox. Thought I’d delurk, I often drop by to read of your latest adventures.


  6. haI like your letterI posted something in our building notice board telling people they could put ‘no just mail” on their letter box. but nobody did. how disappointing. I was going to provide the little “no junk mail’ stickers but couldn’t find them anywhere.!


  7. I’m in! Send my one. Txt me and I’ll txt you back the PO Box. Great idea…E xxPS – Miss you! You and the Devil child feel like a drive to Raumati in the weekend?


  8. <>If you are even lazier than I am, you can just tell me your PO box number and post office I’ll do it for you. <>gosh you crack me up girl. i am definitely lazier than you, i don’t have a PO box, and we get junk mail delivered here.WORSE STILL, my kiddos all have part time jobs DELIVERING the poor poor trees around the neighbourhood (plus the local rag).i know that this admission puts me up for blog boycotts *wink*.and every time i help the kids fold/collate/deliver, i beat myself up for supporting the chopping of the trees, but it’s the path of least resistance… and there’s a massive shortage of ways of earning a buck when you’re ten. our feijoa tree is so small, you see…blah blah


  9. oh you are gorgeous my baby!! Love the “love and kisses”! I have saved so much money as well as trees by not having the junk arrive daily! Doya want to send a letter to Mark’s mailbox??? Oh, he’s just told me he puts it all back through the hole while they’re not looking… there’s an option! xxx Maman


  10. Bloody junk mail… WE still get the crap even though we have the sign up. Apparently ads for pizza and retirement homes is not junbk mail… I have tagged you in a meme if you have the time…


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