Why I love to knit

I was trying to come up with reasons that I love to knit… but I couldn’t articulate what it was or is. So I decided to make a mosaic of knitting to communicate through (other people’s) pictures.

A few things I will say though is that all you non-knitters (who actually have the desire to knit) can most definitely do it. I have only been knitting for about two years after being convinced by the Nappy Networkers and with the ever helpful website www.knittinghelp.com

I love that it’s a connection to the hand-crafty women of my past
I love that it is a community
I love that the products are determined by the knitter
I love that it is revolutionary
I love that it makes idle time productive
I love that it doesn’t require technology
I love that it takes time

And I love that I now have a skill that I may be able to pass on to Hannah.

Ooooo lookit that. Turns out I can make a list of why I love it. I maintain that the pics say it better. BTW – click it to head to flickr and see it better.

5 thoughts on “Why I love to knit

  1. Those were all really sweet. My favorite part is that you have something to pass down to your daughter. I’m so into generational hand-me-down stuff. It’s what makes the world go ’round. Having a connection to your family/past is sooooo important.


  2. Yay…just when I was about to hang up my needles after a week of unpicking mistakes!!!!! Just what I needed, thanks! You are right about it making idle time productive, it makes me feel less guilty about watching telly…. although actually (cue lightbulb apprearing above head) perhaps watching telly and knitting is the reason for all the unpicking…..


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