Hallelujah! I just received an email from with their new styles and look!

My boot quest for the Devil Child is over. And $100 less than I was almost about to pay for a pair of boots in a shop down the road from here.

Now I just have to figure out how to sell them to the Devil Child. She does still claim that one of her favourite colours is black…. along with pink and purple. Bleugh.

In other related news, I am on a mission to only buy NZ made, second hand, or to make my own. My exclusion is shoes. But I would like to buy NZ made or second hand where ever possible there too. I don’t think Hoof is made in NZ… maybe I’ll email.

Anyway, my newly discovered great NZ kiddo clothes (up to 3 it looks like) can be found at Puku Design. If you have any others that you think are simply fab then don’t hesitate to share. I love to support NZ businesses and have a tonne of mamas who would like to join in. And someone who reads here is severely addicted to shopping and now has a good reason to spend on baby stuff so it wouldn’t go amiss in letting her know where the best places are to shop.

In saying that. Consumerism is bad. Did I ever mention how damn contradictory I am?


5 thoughts on “Booted

  1. Darn you and the link to! I just bought 3 pairs of shoes for Charlotte that she doesn’t need but the green boots are to DIE for!


  2. Ah bollocks. That link goes to my blog, doesn’t it? 🙂I. Am. Resisting. Looking. At. Hoof. Kind of because No. 9 already has 2 pairs of shoes and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 … lots of pairs of booties.I’ve tried to go the whole buy NZ made, reduce our carbon footprint way too and avoiding places I used to look at because it’s all made in China. There are a few places that are NZ made with NZ products which does cost more, but I’ve bought heaps less since I started down this track. NZ makes gooood stuff!


  3. great boots, at first I thought they were for you. you are going to have one stylin’ kiddo.good mission to buy only NZ made, second hand, or self made stuff. that will be a challenge!


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