I love to finish

I culled my works in progress today and now only have a baby hat on the needles. Oh, and a baby jersey that was my first ever project which is going nowhere fast. I’ll rip it back and recycle it one day.I finished Perdita for Gembee (only 5 days late and counting)… it’s all wrapped and ready to go on Monday. I also managed to knit the last centimetre of Jute’s fingerless gloves. They have been sitting there 98% finished for a few weeks now and it was only today that I managed to get my ass into gear to get them done. Jute seemed to think they were pretty cool and has organised her Saturday night outfit around the red ribbon… seal of approval if ever I got one!

Apologies. Average photo but I couldn’t be bothered getting all creative.

And now I’m off to dinner with the lovely Antipo who is over from France.


4 thoughts on “I love to finish

  1. oh nice work, I love finishing stuff.those gloves look great! I am addicted to fingerless gloves, or rather my freezing cold phalanges require them at all times in order to prevent icing over.


  2. The finished Perdita bracelet looks amazing, well done you!!!I am also knitting those fingerless gloves from the Alterknits book. I am on the second one, but can’t seem to get it finished. They look cool with the red ribbon. Right I am inspired now, gonna try finish glove today.Hope that you are not as cold in Wellington as we are here in Christchurch..brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! x


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