Cleaning like a mad woman

I have tidied the office.

It resulted in dropping a filing cabinet draw (FULL OF FILES!) on my foot and giving myself a deep paper cut (more like a cardboard cut) but it was worth it.

Wish I had been at home when this mad urge to clean set on though. My bedroom is a mess.

I promise more crafty stuff soon!


4 thoughts on “Cleaning like a mad woman

  1. God I went mad yesterday with the cleaning and I was at home! I am ok at keeping the house clean but no so great at keeping it tidy. I had washing to fold that was done about 6 weeks ago (I am not kidding). My Mum even flew in, folded some, and flew out again 2 weeks ago and I only just put this away. Mmm. I have a serious problem. Not sure if I should be admitting how bone lazy I am on the internet. Give me a task I like and I will do it with gusto!Love the boots for the Devil Child – I got excited because I thought they were grown up ones…


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