Promises kept

I said craftiness and lo’ and behold, I kept my promise!

This little skirt is destined for a little girl with two older brothers who is making do with hand-me-downs from the boys. I’m all about hand-me-downs… but every little girl needs something at least vaguely girly. (Even though most of the time I hate girlie stuff. Shhhh)

So I made this skirt in record time. Hopefully the colour will fit in with her existing wardrobe and girlie it up a bit.

It also smells a bit funky as I rescued the fabric from my Gran’s stash and I’m pretty sure it had been sitting in her wardrobe for quuuuuuuite a few years. I was too lazy to wash it first but it’ll be good as new soon.

While I was making the skirt, Hannah snuck out from her bedroom after hearing the noise of the sewing machine. She came in very quietly and said “Are you making me a beautiful dress for me to wear when I wake up in the morning?” And how could I say no to that? So I made her a dress too. Unfortunately I forgot to factor in room for getting the damn thing on so I had to make some minor alterations.
We’ll try again for tomorrow morning.

And here is my fabulous new microfibre glasses cleaning cloth. Isn’t it funky? I was sick to death of having dirty glasses and no way of cleaning them if I happened to be wearing anything other than cotton. Over the years I have sussed out which fibres are good at cleaning and which are only good for smearing. During winter most of my clothes are smear-worthy so my cleaning cloth was a worthwhile investment. Or rip off. Whichever. It has pretty spots so I don’t care!

6 thoughts on “Promises kept

  1. <>“Are you making me a beautiful dress for me to wear when I wake up in the morning?” <>oh, like: MELT MY HEART!!!what a sweetheart you the crafygoodness.just had an afternoon with Antipo and she said SHE JUST MET YOU IN WELLIES!!!how cool is THAT?almost as cool as a new dressmwah X


  2. You’re an awesome Mum! And I’m so getting one of those cleaning cloths – my glasses are ALWAYS filthy. Seriously, 2 seconds are cleaning they’re filthy.See you at Craft 2.0.


  3. When No. 9 does turn out to be a girl, I want a copy of that skirt. Really, reeeeeally want a copy of that skirt!!I wish I was crafty. And imaginative.


  4. awwww…. what a sweet momma you are. i’m too mean to grant such requests from youngins, but that could be because i’ve none of my own.


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