Can’t blog. Too disturbed.

Weird bus trip today. A man went crazy. Started threatening another passenger about beating up women. And sleeping with a prostitute. Yelling about using weapons. Lots of abuse. Passenger looked very confused. Politely asked driver if he could get off bus. Driver declined. Other passengers looked on aghast. Driver finally stopped. Passenger hops off. Verbal abuse continues. Everyone very freaked out but saying nothing. Crazy man sits back down. Crazy man gets off bus. Nikki rings police. Wellington people are nuts.


9 thoughts on “Can’t blog. Too disturbed.

  1. Blimey. Maybe the driver was as nutty as the yelly guy? We don’t get that sort of riff-raff down here – we don’t have buses you see.Actually, a very wise country person said to me that the difference between mad city folk and mad country folk was that in the country they own the land and have guns…


  2. OMG. That is FREAKY! It would have been one of those ‘look at your feet’ moments; and the poor ‘abusee’ – let him off the bus already!Gee, missing Welly already. But counting down the days til you and the Devil Child venture down south again!E xx


  3. This is why I have an aversion to catching buses.Those with mental ill health flocked to me like flies when I was preg :sPoor guy getting abused!Poor you!


  4. How horrible! When I catch the bus the worst I get is people staring at my knitting like it’s the weirdest thing in the world.Hope you had a better commute this morning.


  5. My son had an experience a few weeks ago. He has since bought a car, that is shared, he goes home on the bus still. He says the run to work is OK. I feel bad because the bus seems like a good cheap option.


  6. Thanks for all the comments peeps!The weird thing is, I didn’t feel scared at all. Just frustrated. I couldn’t do anything!I ended up calling the police so that they’d have it on record if anything else went wrong.But apart from that, the buses are usually fab. And I love them. Wish I could get rid of the car altogether to be honest!


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