Died and gone to child shoe heaven

I’ll post a substantial post tonight. But until then…

Look. More boots for Hannah.
I didn’t buy the last boots I posted. And thank goodness, because I am going to need to save for the next 10 years to buy these. Because I want them. Neeeeed them. (And all their other shoes.)

Right. Back to work.

4 thoughts on “Died and gone to child shoe heaven

  1. veeery cool.of course, you do realise that she’ll be grown out of them long before 10 years time? I just can’t spend decent money on kids’ shoes because their feet grown so freaken fast. Even though it’s one thing you *are* supposed to spend good money on. Well then chop off their toes I say.God i am SO OLD AND BORING.Woo! Funky boots! Go ye and buy!Heh.


  2. Sooo cool, wish they came in my size. I can’t even get the for Lilly, cause she has big clodhopper feet and won’t fit the largest size (and she doesn’t do girly shoes) 😦 I want some for me 🙂


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