Healthier times ahead

Thank goodness for small mercies. Bought a bottle of delicious Shott Lemon, Honey, and Ginger from Mindy in time for me to feel like crap. It’s almost worth being sick for.

Oooo look at that supremely healthy condensation and peeling paint in our house. And that’s the warm room!

So yeah, I have a cold. Or a flu. Whatever it is, I feel like I have a head full of concrete and cotton balls in my lungs. My coughing is absolutely pathetic. Does nothing to shift the mucus and just serves to increase the intensity of my headache. So today I am home to rest and get better. And knit. And sew. And watch Home and Away on Youtube. ha.

I haven’t made any progress on the dress since the last picture. Well, I did, but I screwed it up so I have to un-knit and rethink how I am going to do the arm hole so that an arm can actually fit through there. Ha.

But in sunnier and healthier times ahead, I have planned a few holidays which I am very much looking forward to. At the beginning of August, Hannah and I are going to head to the snow. So terribly exciting. I think there will be much partying (after kid is in bed) and playing in fluffy, white, freezing stuff, and visiting Hannah’s Godmother, Gembee. Except she isn’t really a Godmother because Hannah isn’t christened yet. More like a Fairy Godmother. Yeah.

And at the end of August we are going to fly up to Auckland and visit my cousin’s new babe, Charlie, and her other gorgy girls, Chloe and Lainie. Hannah is going to absolutely adore them… and I get baby snuggles. Yuss.

Now I am off to read my book, seeing as my headache has been temporarily dulled by drugs.


10 thoughts on “Healthier times ahead

  1. Ooo! The cousiny-type had her baby! Weee!!I hope you feel better soon – death by coldy/flu type thing is never pleasant. Don’t watch too much Youtube – headache and all that. You need to sleeeeeep.Get better!!


  2. Get better quick Nikki!Been and done the flu thing this year, not nice. You have my sympathy!Fingers crossed Hanny doesn’t get it.


  3. Sorry you feel crappy…When you come to Auckie you MUST come to my house and Lieve and Hannah MUST liaise, lord knows what craft-disasters they can relate about…PLEASE?Oh and did you get chook boots , they look so yum, so now I’mn hooked toooo! And Lieve needs good shoes (or am I adding that just to justify?)May the flu fly away NOW.X Lies


  4. Man winter sucks…I have been feeling like crap too! Not surprising really as my kids have been coughing in my face for days now, they sure like to share them germs about! Hope you feel better soon…X


  5. Not to rub it in your face or anything, but the weather is hot and sunny here in FL šŸ™‚ The pups and I will send you get-well vibes while we’re out working up a sweat tomorrow.


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