I’m so sorry but this is going to be a terribly negative post.

You know what has sucked most of all about being sick?

I missed Craft 2.0

And now my blog reader is crammed full of people who headed along and had a great time and met cool, fun, and terribly excitingly extraordinary people.

I feel like stamping my feet, battering my hands against the wall and uttering a high frequency squeal just to let all my frustration out.

I’ve also lost my knitting mojo. I have a half finished hat to go to a baby who was born a couple of weeks ago and probably won’t fit the thing by the time I get off my butt and send it.

And I have no motivation to weave in the ends of the little knitted dress. But I must. Because I need to knit more devilishred stuff.

The kid has also made rapid moves toward acting like a four year old. I was only just getting used to three and felt we were quite settled in our nice little groove. Complacency will be the death of me with that girl. I need to stop being shocked when she grows or changes or learns a whole pile more ways to screw with me.

/Rant end.

Happy times to come. And hopefully craft/knitty times to come.

P.S. I should have mentioned that I received a lovely package in my mailbox last night from my lovely friend Jamara. She dropped off some Miso soup and herbally tea to make me feel better. And it did. Yay. Friends rock.


4 thoughts on “Grump

  1. Oh no, bet you were really looking forward to Craft 2.0, bloomin sickness, I have had enough of it myself, roll on summer!!!!! I know what you mean about these 3 almost 4 year olds, blimey my little ‘angel’ is constantly finding new more grown up ways to get to me. Also…she seems to get bossier the older she gets, it’s quite scary really, she will be unbearable when she is 10!!!


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