Tale of the wet

Today it looked like this at our front door. It was not pleasant. But at the least, it gave me time to get out the camera and taking meaningless, blurry shots of my day for your amusement.

Because the weather was so freaking awful, there was lots of sitting in front of the fire today. Hannah almost refuses to get dressed in the morning unless she can park her little butt in front of the hot fire. Mind you, I can hardly blame her. It is freeeeezing in the mornings round here.

With the fire, there was also lots of this going on. Hot black currant. Mmmmm…

And because I wasn’t planning on getting out into the real world, there was a strange combination of clothing and pyjamas going on. If you ever turn up on my door step, you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be wearing something along these lines. I’m just so hawt.

There was also much silly photo taking going on.

And cuddly photo taking.
And trying to sit on the cat. (The cat may or may not be underneath the kid)

There was also fire wood sorting… and baking… and eating… and feeling sick.

BUT the very fact that I actually DID stuff today is a sign that I am feeling so much better (though not so good after all those cup cakes). Definitely getting over the flu. I wish I could say the same for my poor little sister. Oops.


4 thoughts on “Tale of the wet

  1. I have also been slack on the blog reading, sorry. Was thinking of you though as my significant other is making his way across the Tasman at this very minute. Off to Wakatane or Taronga (sic) or somewhere like that. I can’t really complain about the cold but as I grew up in the country in Tasmania, I can empathise. We often get -10’c and it can still be close to that when we got up in the morning. My room had to be the coldest in the house where my condensation would freeze on the window panes. Brrrrrr. I love the PJ/normal clothes combination and still spend 1/2 my weekend (and weekedays until about 9.00am) looking like that.That Devil Child is more Angel Child, surely not? She is so darn cute.


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