The joy of cooking

The joy of cooking is so entirely dependent on the possibility of wearing a super cute apron.

I didn’t know if I entirely *got* Katie‘s apron trip but now that have the joy of wearing a super cute Sharon creation, I get it. Totally. Aprons rock.

So today I received a visit at work from Sharon and her two lovely kiddos. Man they were cool. Very much a sparkly pair, those red headed junior-Sharons. I’d happily have them as my daily entertainment. More people should come and steal me away from work. It was fun!

But along with a visit, Sharon also brought along an apron she had made for a giveaway and the package included CHOCOLATE (of the fair trade, organic, orange variety), a World Sweet World mag, and a scooby (did I get that right????) made by her clever eldest kiddo. She was at a French lesson so couldn’t join us for our cafe date (French! I think I love her too). Man I’m spoiled. But next time for sure and nous pouvons parler en francais! (Wayyyy outta practise) [Wednesday edit: just realised I wrote the French ALL wrong. Now it is only marginally wrong. Gotta get some lessons again!]

I apologise for not having pictures of the other stuff, lighting round here is shocking and the photos were a blurry mess. And then somehow the chocolate disappeared so there wasn’t much chance of a pic of that but I’m sure you all know what chocolate looks like. And an empty packet. The scooby is much more intriguing but I think I’ll get a pic of that once it graduates onto my key ring and I can get rid of the hideous key locator neck thingy that is keeping them from being lost on there now.

So. Good day.

I also booked tickets for my trip to Auckland to meet Charlie and hang with my cousin Heather. Extra good day.


10 thoughts on “The joy of cooking

  1. Was watching trash TV last night – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – the highlight was these aprons they brought for the guy to improve his skills. One said “shittake happens” and the other said “sushi in the sky with diamonds” – maybe you just had to be watching but it did seem really cute.


  2. Every time I fry something (I live in the South in the states, so that’s often), I wish I had a really great apron. Grease is always a-poppin’ in my kitchen and all over my clothes. Drives me nuts.


  3. Oooh that apron is lovely. I could do with an update on my old, stained unflattering apron. I have the Emmeline pattern sitting in my to-do pile. Maybe I’ll finally get around to it this weekend…Hope you are feeling better now. I’ve had a horrible head cold too and can sympathise.


  4. Here is a link for FairTrade Chocolate online:< ALT="" HREF="" REL="nofollow">– chocolate4you<>


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