Stupid things I sign up for

So. I signed up for a yarn swap on The Nappy Network. I don’t usually do swaps because I lack an attention to detail required to come up with anything halfway decent. Unfortunately, this swap was to be no exception. And let me just clarify: the swap isn’t stupid. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s just the minor detail of my inability to actually dye yarn and the fact that I signed up anyway that is the stupid part.

I have tried once before. And apparently people actually use this jumble of instructions to figure out the dyeing process. Mind you, if I can do it, then clearly any one can. [By the way… where has blogger put my pictures?? Please don’t tell me they have vanished into cyberland as our laptop just died and all our photos were buried alongside it. Yes, back up your photos. I know that NOW.]

So, I mastered the dyeing process a year ago *ahem*… but what I haven’t tried before is to come up with a sort of theme to dye with. Unless, wing-it-and-dye-something-totally-unusable was the theme. Sheeeeez, I may have just solved my own problem!! We’ll save that for a last resort hrmmm?

Anyway. So. Theme. And I need a recipe, a pattern, a knitting-related-item, and a small pressie to go with some fantabulously dyed yarn. It all sounded great before I had to come up with ideas. I do keep having massive brainwaves and get all excited but then I get home and actually try to figure out the details and it all just turns to mush and I am back to being theme-less.

Tonight I came up with a new theory: see if you can actually dye something worth knitting and THEN work out a theme. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m half way through the process now. I promise I read up on it this afternoon. Extensively even. Turns out I neglected to take note of the part where it says WEAR GLOVES OR YOU’LL END UP LOOKING LIKE A SLIGHTLY MORE ORANGE VERSION OF THE SIMPSONS!


4 thoughts on “Stupid things I sign up for

  1. Dish washing liquid works wonders.Ali and I dyed our hands bright dark pink……she had to work as a receptionist at a private hospital teeheehee.


  2. you don’t work on weekends do you?! lol.. i’m hoping i can get mine dyed tonight, i’ve been stuck with a theme too!can’t wait to see your results!


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