Hanny pants and I had an awesome day today. We went to a 4th birthday party for one of her little buddies from her ‘old creche’. Old creche is the childcare centre she attended while I was studying and she was there from 16 weeks old until the end of last year… so a good 3 years.

Being at the birthday party and seeing all the kids that Han had grown up alongside at creche and all the parents who were struggling alongside me as students brought up a bit of a nostalgic feeling. I miss them all so much!

I love Han’s new creche with all my heart but her old one was just so familiar and we really felt we belonged there.

Ah well… gotta move on at some point!

On our way home from the party we stopped in at Aro Cafe and had a fluffy and latte – our drinks of choice. Han was exhausted but was terribly well behaved and managed to win over a few of the wait staff in the short time we were there. While it seems so terribly indulgent to go out for coffee with your toddler, it’s something I really enjoy doing with the kid. She gets to play grown up and I get to enjoy my latte and have silly conversations at the same time. Much better than the early days when going to a cafe meant chasing Hannah around every 5 seconds to stop her escaping out the door.

She’s growing up!


6 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day….my poor kids have probably spent half their lives in cafes…Sadie’s first cafe experience was when she was 24 hours old….can’t go without my one flat white a day! Gorgeous photo, Hannah looks so grown up. xx


  2. My 5-year-old loves goign to cafes as a treat. I never took them as littlies (too much stress). The place where we go is my “regular” and they make a complete fuss of her really “waiting” on her and she laps it up. Its such a fun thing to do.


  3. Cute pic! I was just thinking the other day about the time Tommy and I met you in Petone and Tommy tried to tear the cafe we went to apart. Relaxing times.Aro Cafe used to make the best chocolate cake in the world when I lived on Willis St. I must go there next time we’re in town and see if it’s still as good. Tommy is still not an ideal cafe companion, however.


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