For our snow trip this weekend!

Considering Hannah doesn’t even have a raincoat and my wardrobe is decidedly city-ish, we have a lot of preparing to do. I started by making Hannah some snow pants, closely following the tutorial by Sarah Bean. So last night I was sewing like a maniac to finish these. Winging it completely:

They are made from PUL and microfleece which I accumulated for nappies I am never ever going to make and the little heart was something saved from a package put together by the lovely Lies and is intended to make the snow pants just that little bit girlie enough that I can pull the “Princess Snow Pants” card if I need to.

After I finished them I had a minor freak out that Hannah wouldn’t fit the damn things for about 4 years. They look about a size frigging 8! But lo’ and behold, when I bribed the kid to try them on this morning, she fits them. Perfectly even. INsane.

I’m proud to say that the pants are even wearable. Well… once I sew the elastic on to the back that is. But hiding inside is a mess:

I’ve got a new theory. I just need to get good at hiding my mistakes. Others may learn to sew properly… I just learn to disguise it. The important thing is that I succeeded. No one is the wiser to my crap sewing because it is all hidden between the layers. Excellent.

And then in my attempt to get rid of the stuff in my room. I finally top stitched down the ribbing on this singlet that I made about a trillion years ago that was wobbling all over the show and flipping outward. It still wobbles… but less flipping. Sweet. I do believe it was the first thing I sewed when I got back in to this crafty business. It’s shockingly made, but warm as hell so will be coming with us on our snow trip too. I have a feeling it’s gonna cost me an awful lot of chocolate to get the kid to wear it.

And here’s a look at my shite cheat’s applique. I butchered a machine embroidered table runner (It was hideous. What the hell are table runners anyway? Not a fan.), overlocked around the edge (crookedly) and then hand stitched it on the singlet as I didn’t get have a sewing machine.

I is lacking skillz. But who cares.And after all this crazy sewing business, I couldn’t sleep. I tried but I was wayyy too wound up. Tobin just laughed at me when I said I was trying to come down from the high of sewing… but seriously, I was!! I had a million crafty ideas buzzing round in my head and now my project list is a miiiile long for the snow trip. Wanna see? Wanna see? Yeah, I bet ya do.

– Cast on a hat for me today. Noro Kureyon. Mmmmm. I didn’t get this yarn at first. But now I totally do. Love it.
– Fingerless gloves for under snow gloves. Also in Noro Kureyon.
– Merino leggings for Hannah. She refuses to wear the knitted pants that I have for her. Demon.
– Merino tops for Hannah. Might just buy these. Gonna cost me a fortune, but my time is precious.

That in 3 days. Yussss.


5 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. woohoo! awesome work – and I’m so glad my tutorial was helpful πŸ˜›and what’s inside totally doesn’t matter.*everyone* knows that it’s what’s outside that counts πŸ˜‰xx


  2. Dude, one day you’ll find that with all this practice, you won’t need to be hiding things. And you’re thinking outside the box, so your creativity shines through πŸ™‚


  3. ooooh, mountain this weekend? me too! just on sunday though – are you going to whakapapa or turoa? and the messy bits don’t count if you can’t see them. πŸ™‚


  4. I am as always in awe of ayone that can sew, snow suit looks fab and I love the girlie little touch. Having my own almost 4 year old I know just how important those girlie touches are!!! Hope that you have a great weekend. X


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