Up and out!

I thought I’d post this picture at the top to divert attention from the fact that I am posting a pile of crap a bit further down. This blog is my home page you see, and while I am trying to motivate myself to clean up my room, I don’t want to be shocked to the point of inaction while this blog post remains at the top of the screen. But still… I need enough shame to get rid of it all! (Or at the very least, hide it better)

Right. Explanation. This is a hat and scarf set I made for a friend who is taking it over to her friend in France when she returns home (for a few months) in September. I owed her some fingerless gloves but my list of people to knit for continues to grow so she sacrificed her hands for me to knit her a gift. All very well when she’s heading off to Europe in SUMMER. Not much of a sacrifice at all. But I know you’ll all be proud of me considering how much I HATE knitting scarves. And in moss stitch! I can’t believe I finished it. Mind you, it is baby-sized. That could have something to do with it.

And onto the horrible stuff:
Well, actually first we will deal with the gorgeousness that is a corner of my room. Yes. My craft room is in my bedroom. Poor Tobin has been shunted to the far side of the room and has approximately 30cm on his side of the bed because my crafty collection threatens to engulf the rest.

Anyway, so I bought this cabinet to house my machines and anything else I could jam in there. I was hunting for a Horn cabinet but people keep bidding a stupid amount for them on trademe and I don’t quite have the competitiveness (or the money!) to go through with a bidding war.

So yes. One corner down. Only 3 (and the rest of the room) to go! As evidence, here are some photos:
Sitting on top of three fabric bins, I have *stuff* piling up. Hopefully I’ll be able to pawn a whole bunch of it off on my cousin. A dress needs to be sold or taken back to its owner. Fabric needs to be used. I’m thinking of free cycling the soap making kit. Actually, hold that thought. Anyone want a soap making kit? It’s all there. Although Hannah may have pulled it to bits the other day and strewn it around the room, but otherwise complete. Lemme know and I’ll send it to ya.

And another pile. Man alive it’s a lot of mess to deal with. And gross plastic bins too. And candles. I mean, LOVE candles… but I never use them! Argh. And then my yarn bin. (The rest is hiding in my wardrobe…. thank goodness I have a big wardrobe.)

I’m hoping to have the rest of my room looking sparkly and clean like the cabinet so that Tobin has less nothing to whinge about.

So, soap making kit anyone? I promise it’ll come with extra goodies. AND you are doing me a favour.

11 thoughts on “Up and out!

  1. too much stuff, not enough house – oh boy can I relate to that. Before the tidying tornado struck this weekend there was a minor mountain range of piles in our living room.


  2. I can’t even imagine flatting, I definitely need to be able to spread my stuff allllll over the house. We have a whole garage for music/sewing stuff and we still can’t fit it all in. I have a whole bunch of stuff to sell on TM but it just takes so much time and effort listing and then posting. Can’t help you with the soapy kit, but if you think of anything you’re looking for in the op shops that I might have then let me know and while it won’t help your de-cluttering it’ll help mine : P


  3. oh that hat and scarf are too cool!can’t help with the soap kit, sorry, but having just tidied up my craft space, my advice: bookshelves. Cos then you can look at all the pretty fabric and feel bad for not actually doing something with it. And I use a cane handbag for my yarn stash, and a glass preserving jar for my needles…it’s all about making the piles of stuff look pretty 🙂


  4. I love the scarf and hat, Moss stitch is my favourite 🙂 Nice colours too.Good luck with the cleaning up. I have one of those ugly pantry units for my fabric, but need another one now 😦 My craft space is in the dining room, my sewing room recently got turned into a sleepout. Sad.


  5. Love the hat and scarf – I hear you on the moss stitch – I hate it!I would second the shelves idea, except maybe shelves in a cupboard. I’ve been slowing sorting out my craft stuff and have taken over the big formica cupboard we had in our laundry. I bought/thrifted clear plastic containers and have sorted supplies into them (one for ribbons, one for thread etc). The fabric is in plastic bins in the bottom of the cupboard, other supplies are on the shelves. It’s soooo much easier to see what you already have when it’s in clear containers and sorted.


  6. Uhhhmmm … sorry … what’s the rest of the post about? I was distracted by the hat/scarf AWESOMENESS!! I’m so learning to knit.Do you realise that people like me pay a FORTUNE for hats and scarves like that, and don’t even feel GUILTY for doing it????(Also, I have a wedding in Queenstown in October to attend – it’s going to be a long weekend with lots of pretty people. I think I’m going to pay you to attend to reproducing that hat and scarf. What say you?)


  7. WELL, just lookit that.*snap* my room still looks like yours, despite < HREF="http://katekiwi.blogspot.com/2008/07/spring-giveaway.html" REL="nofollow">my best efforts<> to stop procrastinating. it’s just that i’m busy sewing mu my fabric stash. that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it.well, i do have about twenty banana boxes in my garage that are waiting to be filled.think that’ll be enough?mwah XPS no soap here either. we must be a grubby lot!


  8. My whole tiny apartment looks as if knitting and sewing just exploded all over it. Not a good look when company calls. Love your pretty knitting!!I would actually love the soap making kit, but thats international shipping..so good luck finding it a home. 🙂


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