The list

So what’d I have on my list?

– Hat
– Leggings for monkey kid
– Merino stuff for monkey kid
– Fingerless gloves

Well… finished the hat.
Finished the leggings.
Cheated and bought a merino top for Hannah. In pink and purple. What WAS I thinking? Oh yeah, I actually want her to wear it. That’s what I was thinking. Hair colour clashing with clothes? Be damned.

Fingerless gloves to go. I can totally knit those on the way. Weeeeeeeee.


8 thoughts on “The list

  1. Well, it ain’t so much that she CAN’T wear it, it’s more that I have a phobia about pink anyway. And she just looks so cute in green and brown and yellow!If only she cared what I thought. Gotta love her independence.


  2. Hi Nikki,Thanks for visiting my blog:) I googled knitting blogs a while ago and found some amazing knitters (you are one of them!) Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to knit since I started the stupid foundation course (I felt that I have been rip-off!!)I’m so happy that you left a message for me, and hopefully I can find some time to knit! 🙂 Keep in touch and stay warm!:)Lil


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